Christmas Carriers Convoy

First steps

•119951 Jumps so far...
•3530157Ly - Total distance travelled
•Bunch of different goods were delivered
•The largest freight convoys in human history

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Christmas Carriers Convoy 2

Spectacular delivery

•5752 tonnes of different goods were delivered to Colonia in time
•Much exploration data were provided to Colonia
•Classic historical route
•The biggest mass-jumps the PS4 has ever seen

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Christmas Carriers Convoy 3

Event that is loved by Colonia children

•Part of history!
•Over 90 signups!
•More than 5,000 tons of Christmas Presents delivered!

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Christmas Carriers Convoy 4

The biggest space truckers event

•Depart on 1st of December
•Take a part in history!
•Tradition of delivering Christmas
•Join us!

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Christmas Carriers Convoy

Welcome to the space truckers Christmas event.

Presented by 'Shadow of the Phoenix' in conjunction with the 'Colonia Citizens' Network'

So, what is the Christmas Carrier Convoy? Let’s look into the history. On the 2nd of December 3302, 493 pilots set off on an expedition to supply the Colonia outposts and stations with much needed hardware, equipment and colonists. The Convoy saw hundreds of heavy freighters, passenger ships, tankers and escort fighters fly more than 25,000 lightyears. The main aim of the expedition was to support Colonia by delivering much-needed food and equipment to the region and by transporting new settlers, as part of what is set to be one of the largest freight convoys in human history. (You can see more info about the first CCC on the official expedition forum thread).

The next years expedition was successful as well! At our peak we had 140 Commanders assisting in various roles. While CCC2 was held, we had chronicled several key events, both for current pilots and for the CCC2 in general. Such events as performing the biggest mass-jumps the PS4 has ever seen. That great achievement was provided by Cmdr Catisfaction and Cmdr Larenon. As an addendum to the delivered goods we had provided much exploration data throughout the expedition. That was a huge Christmas present for colonial scientists and star cartographs. The exploration rank of the most of our participants was even uprated to Elite. Total 5752 tonnes of different goods were delivered to Colonia in time, 887 tons of that was gold. Our baggage handlers reported that 1 of 10 golden bars were actually chocolate. (You can see more info about the CCC2 on the official expedition forum thread)

The third expedition! 94 registered Commanders set off on a journey with a full cargo of gifts. As always, we had chronicled several key events. Commanders that were using Open Play instance were attacked by pirate groups under the lead of probably one of the cruelest CMDRs ever. During the expedition the first Interstellar Phenomenas were found and new technologies of space scanning were discovered. That helped our members to get exploration data for hundreds of millions of credits. As always colonial scientists and star cartographers were impressed by the quantity of data and logs. CCC3 was held just before the Distant Worlds 2 expedition, and among the prtiipants of CCC3 were radio presenters from Distant Radio. We had couple of live interviews after the CCC3, while chilling around Stellar Phenomenas. Those great achievements and other fantastic events were filmed, which meant that it was maybe the most video documented expedition, of all the CCCs. Total 5861 tonnes of different goods were delivered to Colonia in time! So Christmas was successfully delivered! (You can see more info about the CCC3 on the official Discord chanel and official expedition forum thread)

Now, it is time for the fourth Christmas Carriers Convoy, that is already a tradition of delivering Christmas and New Year for the Colonial people. There is no spruce growing in Colonia, so its impossible to make a true Christmas tree. Let’s make Christmas in Colonia, a holiday of galactic scale. So, we would depart on 1st of December, by the new route with a bunch of attractive sights along the way. There are waypoints which are used to refuel, resupply, and as a meeting point for some mini events such as racing around the landing site, SRV-ball, for some photos, for interviews and some technical/moral support of each other. Arrival date is 24th of December. Take a part in history! So Let's Bring Holiday in Colonia Together. Join Now!

To participate register on EDSM and join our discord server!

Also visit CCC4 official expedition forum thread

What about cargo?

Presented originaly by Chankk Saotome - Big Long List of Some Specific Rare Goods Fitting the Occasion:
(Or as Chankk like to say... BLLOSSRGFTO):



  • LTT Hypersweet (19T) :: LTT 9360 – Smeaton Orbital (L) 8054 CR
  • Arouca Conventual Sweets (12T) :: Arouca – Shipton Orbital (L) 8737 CR
  • Mokojing Beast Feast (7T) :: Mokojing – Noli Terminal (L) 9768 CR
  • Coquim Spongiform Victuals (20T) :: Coquim – Hirayama Installation (L) 8077 CR
  • Deuringas Truffles (7T) :: Deuringas – Shukor Hub (L) 1892 CR
  • Azure Milk (7T) :: Leesti – George Lucas (L) 10805 CR
  • Vanayequi Ceratomorpha Fur (10T) :: Vanayequi – Clauss Hub (L) 8331 CR
  • Sothis Crystalline Gold (20T) :: Sothis – Newholm Station (L) 19112 CR
  • Crystalline Spheres (12T) :: Bento – Snow Moon (L) 12216 CR
  • Tauri Chimes (17T) :: Tauri 39 – Porta (L) 8549 CR
  • Kamitra Cigars (33T) :: Kamitra – Hammel Terminal (L) 12282 CR


  • Chateau De Aegaeon (14T) :: Aegaeon – Schweickart Station (L) 8971 CR
  • Eranin Pearl Whiskey (8T) :: Eranin – Azeban City (L) 9040 CR
  • Gerasian Gueuze Beer (27T) :: Geras – Yurchikhin Port (L) 8215 CR
  • Haidne Black Brew (14T) :: Haiden – Searfoss Enterprise (L) 1347 CR
  • Harma Silver Sea Rum (?T) :: Harma – Gabriel Enterprise (L) 9726 CR
  • Indi Bourbon (0T) :: Epsilon Indi – Mansfield Orbiter (L) 8806 CR
  • Kongga Ale (16T) :: Kongga – Laplace Ring (L) 585 CR
  • Lavian Brandy (12T) :: Lave – Lave Station (L) 10365 CR
  • Orrerian Vicious Brew (16T) :: Orrere – Sharon Lee Free Market (L) 8342 CR
  • Leestian Evil Juice (14t) :: Leesti – George Lucas (L) 8220 CR


  • Tanmark Tranquil Tea (9T) :: Tanmark – Cassie-L-Peia (L) 9177 CR
  • Ceremonial Heike Tea (8T) :: Heike – Brunel City (L) 9251 CR
  • Fujin Tea (10T) :: Fujin – Futen Spaceport (L) 8597 CR


  • Any Na Coffee (11T) :: Any Na – Libby Orbital (L) 1790 CR
  • CD-75 Kitten Brand Coffee (12T) :: CD-75 661 – Kirk Dock (L) 9571 CR
  • Goman Yaupon Coffee (16T) :: Goman – Gustav Sporer Port (L) 1451 CR
  • Void Extract Coffee (13T) :: LFT 1421 – Ehrlich Orbital (L) 2,357 CR


  • Personal Gifts (20T) Njambalba – Frost Dock (M) 16535 CR
  • Anduliga Fire Works (16T) :: Anduliga – Celsius Estate (M) 891 CR
  • The Hutton Mug (30T) :: Alpha Centauri – Hutton Orbital (M) 7915 CR
  • Centauri Mega Gin (7T) :: Alpha Centauri – Hutton Orbital (M) 10217 CR
  • Mechucos High Tea (12T) :: Mechucos – Brandenstein Port (M) 1345 CR


  • Ceti Rabbits (12T) :: 47 Ceti – Kaufmanis Hub (L) 1675 CR
  • Giant Irukama Snails (16T) :: Irukama – Blaauw City (L) 9174 CR
  • HIP Proto-Squid (14T) :: HIP 41181 – Andersson Station (L) 1488 CR
  • Momus Bog Spaniel (7T) :: Momus Reach – Tartarus Point (L) 1825 CR
  • Xihe Biomorphic Companions (30T) :: Xihe – Zhen Dock (L) 11058 CR

100% of CCC4 registered goods are:

  • Gold

  • Tea

  • Kamitra Cigars

  • Sanuma Decorative Meat

  • Xihe Biomorphic Companions

  • Rare wines

  • Fruit and Vegetables

  • Passengers

  • Other Goods

Cargo Manifest

For over a thousand years, the gratuitous giving and receiving of presents has been a human tradition at the end of December. It is believed that the tradition had religeous roots, but now symbolises the success of Capitalism through the sale of cheap plastic trinkets and large quantities of alcohol.

Christmas Carriers Convoy 4, in conjunction with its colaborators 'Shadow of the Phoenix' and 'Colonia Citizens Network', would like to extend this tradition to the far reaches of space by delivering presents to Colonia in time for the annual festivities. They ask that the following commodities be delivered:

1: Gold(doesn't get more appropriate) - available throughout the bubble
2: Tea (for post dinner refreshment) - available throughout the bubble
3: Kamitra Cigars - (post-wine relaxation) (rare good - max 33T from Kamitra / Hammel Terminal (L) )
4: Sanuma Decorative Meat (Christmas Dinner) (Rare good - max 24T from Sanuma / Dunyach Gateway (L) )
5: Xihe Biomorphic Companions (A pet is for christmas, not for life) (Rare good - max 30T from Xihe / Zhen Dock (L) )
6: Rare Wines and Liquers (any rare good involving alcohol) (for post-tea refreshment) - available at various locations
7: Fruit and Vegetables (Christmas dinner) - available throughout the bubble
8: Passengers / Party guests

Commodities are to be delivered to : Centralis - surface port: Phoenix Harbour Passengers may disembark at any Colonia port.

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